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Old Versions

Version 2021 Package 3 (Sept 2022):

64-bit Versions :

  • 64 BIT Download NOW -> KintecusSetupV2021_64bit.exe for Windows  NB:  Kintecus will want to write to the directory it is installed, some virus software will incorrectly flag it as RANSOMWARE, please select the "kintecus.exe" as safe and the directory it's installed in as okay to your virus software. You can always upload the Kintecus executable to Google's VirusTotal website that will run a gambit of over 70+ commercial virus checkers on it if there are any concerns on it (or any software in general). This is version 3 of the Kintecus package distribution.

If you cannot download the above executable, the ZIP file below might be easier to install.
Please unzip the file into "C:\" and rename the directory to "Kintecus".
You should have a final path to the Kintecus executable as "C:\Kintecus\".
Double check that the Kintecus executable is in "C:\Kintecus\" and NOT in "C:\Kintecus\Kintecus\"

Kintecus V6.80 Versions for LINUX (64 bit)


Kintecus 64-bit Linux is now available.
Kintecus has been tested to run on OpenSUSE-11 and Red-Hat Fedora 64-bit versions.

***** THIS IS IMPORTANT!!! *****

Be sure to first source in either kintecus_setup.ksh like this:

. ./kintecus_setup.ksh

(watch the period "." before the space above!) if you are running in a bash or ksh shell


the kintecus_setup.csh like this:

source ./kintecus_setup.csh

if you are running in a csh/tcsh shell before you start running Kintecus on the command line!!!!

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