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If you do NOT have funding, then to obtain a
FREE registration for Academic users (Universities/Colleges).

Follow these steps:

0) If you receive funding from a research grant, please consider making a purchase.

1)  Install Kintecus and run any Kintecus model in either the Kintecus Workbench or on the command line. Kintecus will complain (visually and audibly) about not locating an unlocking key and will also output a UNIQUE KINTECUS KEY (the kintecus identification id given to you by Kintecus when you run it without a key).
Email that
kintecus id inside the following statement:

I, (insert your full name), hereby agree that the use of the Kintecus (or Atropos) software on the computer id, (insert kintecus id), will only be utilized for non-profit research and non-profit experimentation in Academia (Universities/Colleges/Schools). For research that utilizes Kintecus, I also agree to fully cite Kintecus (and/or Atropos) in any published papers (in the main paper along with the other references and not in the supporting information), conference proceedings, proposals or any other public document. In addition, I will NOT use or install my academic Kintecus unlock key on any corporate, industrial, military or government enterprise computer or computer-"like" system under penalty of international copyright law. I also concur that I do NOT have the funding (for example, from the NIH, NSF, ERC, DFG, etc.) to purchase a license for Kintecus.

Signed: / (again, insert full name) /

to BOTH kintecus[el-@atto] and jianni10[el-@atto] from your UNIVERSITY/COLLEGE/SCHOOL email account (after changing "[el-@atto]" to "@"]. An unlocking key will emailed back to you. THE UNLOCKING KEY CAN ONLY BE UTILIZED ON ONE COMPUTER!! IT WILL NOT WORK ON DIFFERENT COMPUTERS! If you are teaching a class with Kintecus, then I need a weblink (from your schools/University/College website) to the course and the weblink should contain your email address. Once your course weblink is provided, multiple keys can be sent. These keys will last four years.

An Academic Kintecus (and Atropos if requested) License Key will be sent to your email address.
*NOTE: Academic License Keys will only be sent to university or school email addresses

2) BE PATIENT! It should usually only take a day or two before a Kintecus unlocking key is sent, but sometimes it can take up to a week (like in the summer).

3)  Please click on one or more social buttons below:

4)  OPTIONAL STEP: Subscribe to the Kintecus User group by sending an email to





Questions or problems regarding this web site should be directed to jianni10[el atto] .
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